Learners’ Testimonials

What did they particularly like about Span Training Programmes and why?

Off-The-Job Training Evaluations

Described to a friend or colleague their experiences with Span Training at OJT.

Employers’ Testimonials

Positive good practice regarding equal opportunities and diversity within their company and other comments.
  • "Very helpful and friendly and enjoy the time spent here."
    May Tagg
    Learner, Apprentice
  • "Its extremely helpful and helps me in the workplace."
    Raeus Mohan-Triggle
    Learner, Apprentice
  • "Really fun and I love it."
    Abbie McGill
    Learner, Apprentice
  • "The staff and how helpful Span were when I was struggling with personal issues in my job."
    Grace Abery
    Learner, Apprentice
  • "Freedom to work at own pace and constant encouragement."
    Renay Pinnock
    Learner, Apprentice
  • "I liked the amount of support and help I got with not just my training but with my maths because I personally feel that I would not have gotten there by myself."
    Amber Littlechild
    Learner, Apprentice
  • "I feel the overall standard is outstanding."
    Wendy Hayes
  • "Having a learner with special circumstances, you have allowed me to keep her training up with minimal hours so she can get her health sorted without losing her job."
    Angela Richardson
    The Hair Studio
  • "Gave me good goals to work towards so that it was achievable."
    Mollie Phillips
    Learner, Apprentice
  • "It is a great training programme, lots of support and encouragement."
    Josephine Gregory
    Learner, Apprentice
  • "I did like how friendly they all were and they helped each of us learn in different ways."
    Emily Mortimer
    Learner, Apprentice
  • "Span is such a nice environment, lots of fun."
    Lily Cheasman
    Learner, Apprentice
  • "I thoroughly enjoy every session and it really helps me with my practical work and my confidence."
    Amber Wickens
    Learner, Apprentice
  • "Its fun, a happy environment and easy to learn."
    Georgia White
    Learner, Apprentice
  • "Full communication and support for all."
    Emily Adams
  • "It has been a pleasure working with Span and so much prefer to send our learners to Span."
    Georgia Patel
    Montage Hair & Beauty
  • "Belief in my abilities and supported my wants and needs."
    Martha Collins
    Learner, Apprentice
  • "Everyone is really helpful and friendly, it made everything much easier to understand."
    Lucy Edwards
    Learner, Apprentice
  • "How they care a lot about your training and make you the best you can be."
    Bayley Evered
    Learner, Apprentice