Span Cloud Space

Span Training and Development are always striving to improve your apprenticeship journey.

Our new social network platform has been designed to provide easy access to information and support while you are on programme.

SpanCloudSpace is our private social network that provides more efficient, effective and secure communication and support for all our learners on programme.

The app can be accessed on any computer or lap top as well as any smart phone device.

What is SpanCloudSpace

SpanCloudSpace is real time user to user messaging platform allows learners and staff to communicate more efficiently and effectively without the need for any dissemination of personal information, such as phone numbers. SpanCloudSpace does not blur the lines between training life and social life that can often dangerously occur on open social media platforms.

SpanCloudSpace’s Features

SpanCloudSpace’s secure group timelines allow tutors, assessors and learners to create course, unit and placement communities helping them collaborate on assignments, tasks and reviews more easily and efficiently. Our platform has a blast message tool that helps push messages to all staff and learners in one click, fostering a strong sense of community and support network where learners feel less isolated when on placement.


Emails can easily be ignored or deleted and text messages can sometimes be perceived as agreesive or offensive. Social media on the other hand is read and used, notifications are less invasive.
The communication through SpanCloudSpace is safeguarded and student welfare is maintained through audit trails (no messages can be deleted).

A Sense of Community

As a private social network, SpanCloudSpace engages with students to bridge the disconnection between traditional email communication and the social media tools that teens/learners use every day. It maintains a safe environment upholding the professional integrity of staff members and control over the content shown.
Our platform is similar to other social media apps learners already use, but it is professionally personalised to meet our requirements as a provider and to suit our learners’ communications needs.

Improve Learner Engagement

SpanCloudSpace has a user interface that enables learners to make friends and be part of a community immediately during the induction process. At Span, we believe that peer to peer support is a good way of facilitating better learner relationships. Increased engagement with direct access to staff and support will help Span to create even closer ties with our learners and fostering loyalty. Promote services that Span is offering- new courses, competitions etc.