Complaints Policy


Span aims to establish an excellent working relationship with all Learners pursuing Span programmes.
Span recognises that there may be occasions where a learner may wish to question a decision made on:

  • Assessment
  • The results from assignments or marked question papers
  • Oral questioning
  • Provide a process of reviewing and where appropriate, revising decisions made by Assessors
  • Be fair to all parties
  • Be readily accessible and easy to use
  • Have realistic target timescales for each stage
  • Keep all parties informed of the process

Span recognise a Learner may wish to complain, appeal or have a review, if they feel they have been unfairly treated or are dissatisfied with matters relating to the delivery of assessment of a Span Programme.

There are some issues however, which Span cannot investigate. These are:

    • Actions taken more than sixty days before the appeal is lodged
    • Matters involving actions taken by another Centre
    • Matters involving points of law
    • Matters under consideration as part of an employers disciplinary or grievance procedure

Learners and sponsors will be given opportunities to discuss delivery assessment and administrative issues with staff in an informal way. Every effort will be made to resolve issues at this stage. If the decision is taken to go ahead with the review, appeal or complaint the Span Complaints & Appeals Procedure should be followed.

The possible situations where disputes may arise will usually involve:
  • A Span Assessor decision
  • A Workplace Assessor decision
  • A Span Internal Verifier decision


Irregularities concerned with:
  • Procedures
  • Assessments
  • Outcomes of written tests/exams, marking of projects/assignments, oral/written questioning
  • Verification
  • Certification
  • Delivery of the programme

All appeals against the results of externally marked exams must, in the first instance, be made with Span Centre (Head Office).

The Appeals Procedure (to Span Head Office)

Time limit:

  • If appealing to Span the request to appeal must be received within 20 working days of receiving your result
  • In the first instance the matter should be discussed with the Span Field Services Manager (FSM). If the complaint/appeal is against the FSM the matter may be discussed with a Span Verifier or Centre Manager, should you wish to continue with the appeal. The procedure for making an appeal is as follows:

Option 1

Stage 1:

Within 20 days of deciding to appeal, complaints/appeals should be made in writing to: Centre Manager, Span Training & Development LTD, PO BOX 718, Banbury, OX16 6LP. The reasons for opposing the decision should be clearly outlined in the appeal letter.

Stage 2:

Span will register the appeal with the Internal Verifier within 5 working days (IV).

Stage 3:

The Internal Verifier will investigate the appeal within 5 working days of receipt of the appeal. Any necessary visits, that are required as part of the investigation, will be completed within 10 days of the appeal.
After investigation the appeal will be referred to an Appeal Panel comprising of Span Centre Manager, an Internal Verifier and an Assessor, independent of the Learner. Learners will be notified in writing of the decision of the Appeals Panel within 20 days of the receipt of the appeal (subject to the availability of all parties involved). Learners will be notified in writing of delays caused by lack of availability of the parties involved.

Stage 4:

If the original decision is upheld and the Learner wishes to pursue the appeal with an external body, Span must be notified in writing immediately (see time limit).

Stage 5:

The Span Internal Verifier Co-ordinator will register the appeal with the appropriate awarding body.

Stage 6:

Unresolved appeals will then progress to the awarding body that will process the complaint/appeal to their own Complaints/Appeals Procedure.
The Learner’s appeal may be upheld at any stage. In the event of failure to reach agreement the Awarding Bodies decision is final. [see enclosed flowchart]


The Appeals Procedure (to The Awarding Body directly)

Option 2

If you wish you can appeal directly to the following awarding bodies as required:

  • VTCT – email with the following information:
    • details of the complaint (including what it is about and how it happened);
    • your contact details (name, telephone number and email address);
    • how you would like to see the complaint resolved;
    • copies of all correspondence between you and your centre relating to your complaint.
  • CACHE- 0345 347 2123 or
  • ITEC- 0208 994 4141 or

Span Training and Development Ltd. maintain a customer service centred culture and strive to maintain professional and harmonious relationships with its staff, employers, learners and partners. This procedure is intended to ensure all complaints are dealt with within contractual and legal requirements. The principles of fair play and the wellbeing and safety of the individual will ensure all complaints receive appropriate and individual attention.


  • To contribute to a customer centred culture of accountability and continuous improvement to services given
  • To treat all complaints with sensitivity, and to deal with all complaints in a uniform, transparent and non-discriminatory way.

To ensure that:

  • The M.D. is involved in the Complaints Procedure and is kept informed at all times of Complaints and their outcomes
  • The operating Complaints Officer external complaints will hold responsibility for the smooth running of the process and remain the key point of contact for complaints
  • External complaints will be handled by the Safeguarding Officer unless considered to be very sensitive in which case the M.D. will hold key information and this will be held securely
  • All relevant parties will be kept informed of investigative action and outcomes and time targets
  • The investigation will be time bound with agreed reporting deadlines
  • The investigation will be based upon a risk analysis and is conducted in sufficient depth to enable fair corrective action
  • Information will be recorded to enable the monitoring of any trends and retrieval of information after resolution.
Do you have a comment, complaint or suggestion?

Whilst we always try to meet the highest possible standards for the services we provide, we do sometimes fail to meet expectations. This policy has been produced to enable you to put forward any comments, complaints or suggestions.


How can I make a suggestion about improving services?

We are always grateful to receive any suggestions about how our services can be improved. Let us know at Head Office or discuss you suggestions with your Field Service Manager and ask them to be recorded and forwarded to us.


What if I am concerned about something, or have a complaint?

If you are worried about any aspect of our services, you should in the first instance speak to your Field Service Manager. They will try to resolve the problem and if necessary take action to put the problem right.
If you are still unhappy, you can ask for the matter to be dealt with as a formal complaint.

How do I make a formal complaint?

Write to us at Head Office:

Stephen North
Span Training and Development Ltd. PO BOX 718
OX16 6LP

Tel: 0845 548 5100


What happens next?

Once you have made a complaint you will receive an acknowledgement within two working days, and an investigations will begin immediately. We may need to ask you for further information, and in some cases it may be helpful for you to meet with our Complaints Officer to discuss the matter. You can have a relative, friend or someone of your choice to be with you at the meeting.
The M.D. will send a full response to you following a full investigation within two weeks (10 working days). If it is not possible to complete the investigation within this time you should be informed of the reason for the delay and when you can expect to receive a reply. Should the complaint be considered urgent in the event of threat or danger to an individual the complaint will be dealt with urgently.


What if I am not happy with the reply?

If you remain unhappy with the response, you may ask for the complaint to be re-reviewed.